CHip The Robot Dog Review – Why Now Is Good Time To Buy It

Welcome to our CHiP robot dog show!

Over the  past 15 years, mechanical pets have come a very long way . First of all, there were the ones you controlled with a button on the wire (like the pathetic ones described in our article “We”) About the website history).

Then came  Tamagotchi ‘s  virtual  pets, and now… real interactive robots like CHiP The Robot Dog.

We have seen some fantastic  robotics successes in recent years, and AI and the small CHiP  are perfect examples.

CHiP is a robot pup that responds to  commands,  can be  ”  trained,” and shows specific freestyle interactions, such as growling and barking.

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Price for a CHiP robot dog

Since the publication of the ChiP in 2016, the  price  has  dropped  significantly compared to the original price of 196 dollars. You can  find the current price at Amazon here.  If you postponed buying CHiP last year because of the cost, you should consider this year (#ProcrastinationPaysOff).

Recommended age for CHiP dog robot toys

WowWee recommends CHiP, the robot dog toy, for the age of 6 to 15 years. It will indeed appeal to all  age groups, to those  who love robots as adult pets. Younger children can be a little impatient because there are adjustments, and it takes a little practice to master the controls. But the more the chip manufacturer uses it and communicates with it, the smarter it gets, and the better it starts to react.

What’s so special about C.P.’s favorite robot dog?

For starters, this little robot pup is pretty cute .  His small ears, the  way he tilts his head, this  programmed but interactive personality – CHiP The Lovable Robot Dog – will  immediately  fascinate you.

Watch this official WowWee video, and you know what we mean:

The WowWee CHiP robot dog comes with SmartBand, SmartBall (which requires 4 AAA batteries and is omitted), and SmartBed, which charges it for other games.

The  bracelet controls and helps this cute dog to “train.”  Using the buttons on the watch, you can give orders and reinforce good behavior or bad discipline. There is also  an application  for iPhone and Android that offers even more controls and functions.

With the bracelet, the WowWee CHiP toy robot can also  play  with its  SmartBall . He returns the bullet to the person wearing the bracelet.

With this application, you can  determine which voice belongs to the CHiP-wizard, and most  users have discovered that it works much  better   afterward .

The best part  is the yoga team tells Chip  to stand on his head.

The chip is  relatively fast and smart  and can easily follow you and play with your ball thanks to the specially designed Meccano wheels.

Chip’s size: 8.5 inches high, 9.25 inches long, front and rear wheels, and 7.5 inches tall. He weighs about 2 pounds, 10 ounces.

Our robot dog, CHiP, reports on the right glasses.

There’s something to love about the chip in a cute robot dog. The novelty of the  robot lover will delight  both children and adults.

As it  learns through reinforcement , it will behave as you expect after prolonged use and a long lifespan (which is more than you can say for some real dogs!) So it is also adaptable to  any owner . In the end,  your  CHiP will behave differently from, for example, your neighbor. And it’s pretty cool!

The funny thing is how he plays with  his ball,  chases him around the house, and plays with the owner. This does not give your children the same activity as running with a real dog on the street, but it encourages them to be active and  run and play  with it.

When Chip runs out of energy, he  automatically  retreats  to his bed to recharge  and be ready to play again.

The WowWee CHiP robot toy dog is  guaranteed for 90 days , which is excellent. The manufacturer will  continue to   provide  updates  to  the CHiP and its ball to  improve  performance  over  time.

Electronic Pets – one of the most popular toys for children at Christmas! You can find other gift ideas such as CHiP on our  2017 The best electronic pets for children article .

Our evaluation of the robot dog CHiP is not very good.

The biggest complaint of the other critics is the lack of written instructions for the little CHip the Robot Dog. The situation may have improved in the meantime, as CHip has been on the market for more than a year. In our CHiP Robotic Dog Review, we have included a link to the CHip user manual here.

This video with WowWee gives some basic instructions, and it is also an excellent way to see in more  detail   how the cute robot dog CHiP  works:

Some users complain that the CHiP only responds to male voices. For  children and girls  with  high voices, it can be challenging to let them  be heard by a  CHiP robot dog . This seems to improve significantly when  you download the application and   capture  the  application’s owners    voices.

Talk about applications: Many users say that the iPhone application works well, but not Android. However, the Android application’s firmware update was performed on September 23, 2006 and this issue was resolved.

This WowWee CHip robot toy dog consumes  energy  a  little  faster than a real dog. Several reviewers indicated that he often needs to be reloaded, and sometimes he does not find  his loading bed  automatically as it  should be . There is the possibility to fill manually, but it would be good if Chip could do this on its own. Some  children  are lucky that their puppy is ready to play again.

Another common complaint is that you have to attach your  protective wheels  when  the  chip is first delivered. Maybe it fits better in the delivery box, we’re not sure, but it’s more of a drawback than a real disadvantage.

Look at Little Brother and Sister C.P.!

WowWee Chippy-robot dog – helicopter (blue)Chippella – Chippy, the robot dog toy from Wowee Chippy

Is the CHiP worth the price of a robot dog?

The original price of CHiP should not be neglected. But the  cost of the CHiP robot dog  has  dropped  significantly  since  its launch, and we think it’s  worth  it  now . Don’t forget that you get the chip, the ball, his bed, and the SmartBand, and all these things contribute to a fun game with him.

We have collected information that you have to  work  as a real pet to make the family’s CHiP  part . If you  often play with it  and strengthen its behavior to learn what you want, it can become a super fun and expensive toy. And hey, it’s still  cheaper than a real dog.

Where can you get a chip?

WowWee C.P. Robot Toy Dog – White

CHip is currently available in many major stores and online. Or, hey, there’s an idea you could buy.  Here on the Amazon, and  send it to your door!

Examination of the fleas for the robot dogs Final remarks

The chip is fantastic. Come on; it’s  a ROBOT!  If your child has a little patience and learns to lead teams, he will be enthusiastic about  these toys . He’s also a giant, grown-up robot.

Is this C.P. better than the real robot dog? That depends on your point of view. A real creature will always play the robot’s trump card, but on the other hand, CHiP doesn’t need a  miser   and won’t bite you . Okay. Okay. Okay, okay.

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  • Repeat playback
  • Prices
  • The Meeting


When the price of cogeneration fell, we increased the value to 5. We give fitting four because the engine protector is rugged when you get it for the first time. In general, we think that CHiP is fun for both children and adults and is an entertaining toy technology!

CHiP review on robot dogs Video of the family experience

We found this video on YouTube about a real  family interaction with CHiP . You can send some parts quickly, as in the beginning, but you have a good  idea of how an average child reacts to these toys .

This video is a  lifelike experience of a family   trying out   the   robot dog toy WowWee CHiP   in the  first few days after receiving it. This can give you an idea of the relevance of CHiP for your family or the child in your life.

WowWee C.P. Robot Toy Dog – White

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