50+ Fun Easter Basket Stuffers for Boys


The best Easter baskets for boys are fun, healthy, NOT jerky, and above all… cheap.

So, rabbits, we’ve put together a series of little toys (ish) and presents that are the perfect Easter baskets for boys. Some are classic, others are trendy, and none cost you too much in terms of green.

We have noted the packaging size for slightly larger items so you can measure whether it fits in the Easter basket or in the container you use. Or you pack something big for an Easter gift voucher for the boy. In any case, the size of the package can be useful.

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Easter baskets for boys

Let’s start our list of Easter basket ideas for boys with some classic little things and toys boys love. My favorites are the bright stars, the small flowers per room (they cost FREE and are perfect for traveling!), and the crazy freedoms.

Then go through the different categories of the Easter baskets for boys to get more fun ideas.

Water arrow right starsCanoodleA slim buffalo crazy freedoms of EasterColour per pieceSoap bubble fan construction and paintingGalactic Mucus

Playing with beans

Playing with beans

BeanBoozledone of my favorite Easter baskets for boys and girls of all ages. It’s effortless. Children click at the top, see where it lands, and then choose a candy that fits the picture. It can be a pleasure or a disgusting nightmare!

Maybe it’s the sense of humor of a 12-year-old boy in me, but there’s something funny about looking someone in the face when he inadvertently tastes a moldy jam bean.

BeanBoozled is an excellent and cheap set of Easter baskets. A game (a can with spinning beans and almonds) is a game, plus four fillings in the picture.

Small games are ideal for boys in Easter baskets.

The small games are just the right size and price to put the boy in the Easter basket. They are fun little gifts, and it is also convenient for children to travel. Here are some popular favorites. Could you scroll down to see them in the image?

Maps of the United Nations

The UN card game is still the children’s favorite, and they make versions for everyone. Super Mario VN, Harry Potter United Nations, UN De-mining…you understand.


Micro-Simonis a mini version of a classic game and is perfect for travel.

Skip-Bo Jr

Skip-Bo is my favorite card game… and all the games I’ve proposed to him. So I was happy when Skip-Bo Jrfor children five years and older. It’s a fun sequencer game with different moves.

Connection 4 Capture and transfer

Connection 4was and still is one of the most popular games with children.

The classic UNSimon MicroSkip-Bo JrConnection 4

Easter basket for boys who like to build

LEGO 3-in-1 Ship’s work kit for marine organisms

LEGO 3in1 creatures of the deep

This website Creature of the LEGO Deep SeaWith, the kit children can make a shark with movable joints, possible fins, and an open mouth full of teeth. You can also make squid, fish, and crabs.

LEGO sets can be expensive, but 3-in-1 LEGO Creator sets like these are very cheap and are often offered for sale. This is an excellent purchase, given that there are several buildings in the kit.

The Deep Sea Creature set is so popular that it is our best choice for LEGO sets suitable for filling Easter baskets. You should also check The mighty 3 in 1 dinosaur particular. The price is comparable and even very high. The size of the packages mentioned there is about 10″x5,5″.

Seven years and older

Other small LEGO kits for Easter baskets

Here are some of the most popular little LEGO kits that can make great socks or Easter baskets for boys. They usually cost less than $11, but prices change.

Satellite assemblyToys Story 4 KitsThe police dogsledClassic modular application

Self-locking car kits

Car block S9 Sedan

Block of cars nice little wooden vehicle sets that children can take apart, adjust, and rebuild as often as they want. Like a puzzle with which children can compete and play!

Parents say they’re super healthyand the kids love it. Various models are available, and many parts are interchangeable.

What a beautiful little Easter basket for the boys!

Four years and more

Easter basket for boys for brain entertainment

The book about activities and puzzles are good little gifts that you can put in your Easter basket or get the right basket. They are good enough to buy a few different ones to keep them at hand for those who have to take care of him while he has fun. Below are some popular favorites. Could you scroll down to see them in the image?

Hidden images

Do you remember how the most critical riddles were hidden? Share the fun you remember with the children in your life with activity books that highlight hidden pictures.

Black and white puzzles like this Opening puzzles book that questions the age of six and over. Books with colored puzzles are easier to read for children from 3 to 6 years old. You can get the big both can be selected here.

The drawing book of the boys

Children can carry out exciting drawing assignments with The drawing book of the boys. This Easter basket filler designed especially for boys playfully stimulates their creativity.

Books “Painting on a sticker.

What kid doesn’t like stickers? These funny little entertainment books are a bit more complicated, and the number of colors is a bit higher. The beautiful beetles one of them is very good, but they can choose from several others. And the price is ideal for an Easter basket for boys from 5 years old.

Activity book for minors

Guys who play Minecraft are going to love it. A book about the miners’ activities filled with a wide variety of challenges, all with a Minecraft theme. It’s super popular!

Small activity books from Dover

You will see a wide selection of The small activity books of Dover is here. I like that they are small (like 4″x5.5″), that there is a wide variety of activities, that they are super cheap, and that they are available for all ages.

Opening puzzles drawing book of the boy’s colored sticker work of the PitmenNoah’s Ark activitiesSelective differences

Craft kits – large Easter baskets for boys

Do-it-yourself sets, art projects, and art accessories are good ideas for an Easter basket for boys. Here are a few that perfectly match the size and price.

Beatty Books

Beatty Books

I like this idea of an Easter basket for boys and girls. Small sets of books for children’s creativity. Contain everything a child needs to make three booklets directly from his or her imagination.

The package is about 9 inches long, so don’t forget that the container with the Easter basket is smaller.

The kits contain stickers, markers, and blank book pages that have already been prepared, so children only have to fill them with a story. For the price, it is a good idea to give the boys a small Easter present so they can experiment with their creativity.

Four years and more

Wooden Craft Kits for Melissa and Doug

Melissa & Doug make all kinds of small art and craft sets of excellent quality, ideal for children’s stockings or Easter baskets. Boys from 4 to 8 years old love these little ones. Wooden craft sets she can build and paint.

Fold ‘N Flying Paper Airplane Kit.

Alex Toys: Paper folding and flying planes colorful and durable and illustrate to these little heads that there are many ways to create something simple. The package measures 12.4″ x 8.9″ and is most suitable for children older than six years.

Scratch-art scribble

Melissa and Doug scratch pen on art markers that are full of beautiful drawings. The children revealed by marking the included pen pages. It is the right size for your Easter basket and traveling!

Shrinky Dinks Cool Stuff

It’s another piece of nostalgia to share with the children. Shrinky Dinks Cool Stuff like the Shrinky Dinks from the ’70s and kids always love their new ones!  Package size is 11.8″ x 8.5″. It’s a funny idea for an Easter gift for boys from 5 years old!

Wooden craft sets add Kit ‘N FlyScratch the ArtpadSrinkies Dinks.

Outdoor toys are a lovely Easter basket for boys.

Since Easter is the start of the warm weather, it’s the perfect time to let the boys play outside. Here are some things the boys in their Easter basket will like to see.

Galaxy ball of golfers

The Galactic Ballis a great water toy for a pool, lake, or beach. He jumps on the water, which makes the pool game much more fun! Estimation for children older than six years.

Sing Sky Coastal Ore

Ore from heaven’s shores is the rocket launches that make a fresh squeak as they go up in the air. They can be used repeatedly (tip: aim them, so the rocket falls back!) and are perfect for children from 8 years old (younger – under supervision ). The size of the packaging is 14.9″ x 10″. It’s a nice and cheap Easter gift for boys!

NERF Vortex aircraft

Much more than football NERF plane Howler flies super far and makes a screaming sound as it floats in the air. The package’s size is about 12″ x 8″, but you can take it out of the box to compress it a bit. This Easter basket is for boys from 6 years old.

Study package for outdoors

I love these little outdoor sets for the kids. The farm will be an outdoor adventure! This website Study package for outdoor kit includes binoculars, a swivel lamp, a magnifying glass, and various other items to help young children see nature up close.

The Galactic BallSing Sky Coastal OreThe NERF VortexStudy package for outdoors

An Easter basket for boys to learn about nature and science

Many nature, science, and beta toys are perfect gifts or Easter baskets for boys. They are perfect for boys to discover something new and an excellent way to make those little heads curious. Here are some popular scientific toys that fit in the Easter basket regarding size and price.

The glass creates a bubbling volcano.

Beaker Creatures is a relatively new line of toys that combines science with those mysterious little collectors children love. There are all kinds of different sets, and A bubbling volcano would be the perfect Easter basket for boys or girls over the age of 5.

Terrarium grows ‘N Embers.

Terrarium grows ‘N Embersis, a lovely Easter basket for boys who teach planting and gardening. It is a gift of nature that is very popular with children. With a size of about 9″ x 9,” it fits in a large Easter basket or is a nice little Easter gift for boys and girls from 6 years.

The glow in a set of dark Mucus

Goo is a great toy to blow off steam, and when it glows in the dark, it’s even more fun. Elmer has it. The glow in a dark mucus set is the perfect size and price to fill Easter baskets, and kids will learn a little about what happens when chemicals are combined.

Digging dinosaur fossils

Children love the excitement of discovering dinosaur fossils with the Dinosaur fossils excavation kit from National Geographic. With all this educational and entertainment value, it’s a  surprisingly low price. She also has a Troubleshooting kit. It’s popular. They are intended for children from 8 years of age.

bustling volcano row ‘N GlowDrool kitDino tunnel

No more Easter baskets for boys

Scroll down to find a few different Easter baskets or Easter gifts that boys will like. All this is excellent for playing and learning creatively.

Finger puppets

Finger puppets inspire all kinds of adventures and fantastic shows. They are ideal for children to have fun when they can’t be too active, for example, when traveling or in bad weather. Here are cheap, welcome, and fun kits for kids!

Teddyfingers Dinosaur dolls with fingers Dion dolls for head and feet monster Finger Puppets

Hexbug Nano

The Nanos of the hexagon is small beetle robots that can hunt children, give birth to them, and even create a habitat for them (think of a hamster cage!). It’s a tutu of five, but you can also… Buy them individually here.

Seeds of zombie plants

It seems strange when they are placed in the Easter basket, but they can always be renamed “Sunday plants.” Zombie plants, you pretend to be dead when you touch them, and shortly after that, you come back to life. It’s a little novel about Easter baskets for boys and girls!


Grimlingsare the final additions with a little alter ego. They have many different interactions – some are fun, and some are a bit grumpy.

Whips Micro-racer

Whipzsuper-fast and super-small cars with rechargeable LED lighting. Use the ball to make them do magic tricks. It’s a super fun Easter basket for the boys!

HEXBUG Nano seems of zombie plants Wow, the GrimlingsWhipz Micro-racer

Mini animals and figures

I love these little animal figures for Easter stockings or baskets. They are perfect for creative games, hide-and-seek, or even in the bathroom. Here are some of my favorite phrases.

Mini dragon animal of the forest Insects Marine life

A restless toy

The figurines are perfect for the Easter basket because more than one toy is needed to have it within reach, wherever the children are. I love the new stretchy toys because their resilience helps build up hand strength and because children if they want to, can make shapes together and play with them. They extend to 8 feet!

Stretchy SuetliksTANGLE Jr. A restless toy

Megastructures: groundbreaking beasts

pioneer animals

groundbreaking animals are mysterious dragon toys wrapped in slime that boys love to collect and exhibit.

Even if the boy in your life doesn’t know them and doesn’t pick them up, their price and size make them a cool little stocking or Easter basket. And if he’s a fan of dragons and slime, he will be.

Each piece comes with a stand to show it, and the Mucus can be stored in the egg to keep it soft so you can play with it later.

Five years and more

Easter books

Easter is a great time to add to your collection of books for boys. There are so many good books for boys in the Easter basket price range that it is challenging to choose one. Here are some of the most popular ones children love. Some have an Easter theme, while others are generally popular with boys. Most of them are between 4 and 8 years old.

Easter jokes great Easter adventureEaster Bears of BerensteinGorgeous stories of 5 minutes.

We hope that our ideas for designing Easter baskets for boys will help you create a pleasant surprise for the boys in your life!

That’s what it looks like: Easter baskets for Boys and Girls Twin.

Share these epic toy ideas!

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