22 Best Trolls Toys To Delight Young Fans

DreamWorks trolls continue to be popular with children, and our selection of the best troll toys will surely please one of the young fans on your wish list. For what, we can’t love all the color, glamour and happiness?

There are many toys from the movie “Trolls”, for both boys and girls. If you are looking for dolls from the movie “Trolls”, please use our table of contents below and go directly to this section.

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Toys from DreamWorks Troll movies

Troll pencils light up the track

Children can create their favourite characters in “Trolls” using the Trolls lift the floor of Trace Kryola. Trace is a great way for kids to practice drawing, and they love to  see the “Troll” characters come to  life in their own way. This thing got good reviews too !

6 years and older

DreamWorks PODular Troll Tree

View of the Amazon

Cold PODULAR troll shaft one of the best trolls for children, with a lot of fun. There are lightning bolts, shelters, and pods for little hairy boys (the trolls, not your children), and the children will be happy to tune it up as they please.

Four years and more

Toys from the movie “Trolls”: The troll game

View of the Amazon

The second on our list of troll toys are… The game of operations with trolls hairier version of the original “Operation” game. And we mean “hairy.” Players must use pliers to remove the keyrings from the troll locks without the buzzer sounding. It reminded me of when my daughters had head lice. But children won’t have such traumatic memories that they can’t play, so they have to have fun.

6 years and older

Movie Dolls

Movie Dolls: Mac Crowning Capsule

Our list of toys from the movie “Trolls” would not be complete without a few figurines with dolls from the movie “Trolls.” Poppy crown capsule, there’s a shiny spinning dance floor lot of puppet props from the movie Poppy and Branch Trolls. Children will enjoy the way they rehearse their favorite scenes from the film with this fun little set.

Four years and more

Movie Dolls: Poppin Pod Pod for styling

Of course, the movie “Trolls”… “All on this hair, all on this hair, no tribbles(You must know the song Meghan Trainor and be a Star Trek fan to make it funny). I know… the odds aren’t excellent.) It doesn’t matterPoppin Pod Pod for styling Allows children to comb, brush, tease and pinch troll doll hair in all kinds of crazy styles. This Trollfilm toy comes with lots of hair accessories and a few wigs for bad days.

Four years and more

Movie Dolls: Satin and Caterpillar styling set

Satin and Chenille are twin musicians from the troll world. Set in satin and chenille Trolls, satin and chenille dolls, and various accessories are included to enchant them.

Four years and more

Children love toys inspired by their favorite movies or TV series. For more information on gifts, such as the toys from the film “Trolls,” see the toys in the section “Toys” Article “Toys sparkle and shine.

Movie Dolls: Collection of troll figures – a series of 5 characters

Why would you buy a troll character when you’re All five characters of the DreamWorks troll? These dolls from the movie “Trolls” fit into each of the already mentioned “Troll” toys, giving children even more crazy hair to style and model.

Four years and more

Movie Dolls: Maki, plush doll


Poppy Hug’n Plus Doll

that’s precisely what the name suggests – plush, soft and perfect for cuddling! She is one of the giant troll movie dolls and is ideal for small children. There are actually different Hug ‘N Plush dolls so that you can choose your child’s favorite character.

Four years and more

Movie Dolls: Exclusive Bridget doll

We mustn’t forget

sweet mountains, Bridget

on our list of dolls from the movie “Trolls.” It comes with two outfits and accessories to have a perfect look in her quest for love!

Three years and more

The most popular troll doll in the movies is the troll pop Poppy who kisses time. It’s still a trendy toy for girls, so make sure you check out our Trolls kiss Time Poppy Doll magazine here!

Toys from the movie “Trolls”: The art and craft of the trolls

The trolls of art and craft: Set of coloring books and notebooks

This website Reading guide will entertain children for hours on end in a creative way. What child doesn’t like stamps and stickers? If you have a holiday trip ahead of you, it’s a big distraction to take with you on a plane or in the car.

Three years and more

The trolls of art and craft: Sticker book for episodic trolls

For kids who don’t have enough stickers, it’s… Sticker book for epic trolls. The book comes with more than 1000 stickers! There are also all kinds of games and entertainment to keep children busy on rainy days or when mommy’ s babies have to sit still for a while.

Three years and more

The trolls of art and craft: Set of shiny pencil trowels

There are fun toys from the movie “Trolls” that are designed for creative fans. It’s about A series of glitter albums (The name alone should appeal to little girls – which girl doesn’t like her glitter?), includes troll-themed scrapbook pages, markers, pencils, stickers, troll figure cutouts, and much more. Kids can decorate their favorite sites with colorful Troll-themed photos or use tools to craft Troll. It is a truly versatile collection of decorative and applied “Troll” art.

Five years and more

The trolls of art and craft: Set of charm bracelets for trolls

What could be more elegant for a troll lover than colorful troll jewelry? This set of handmade trolls is for children who like to make their own jewelry creatively. Kids can make cute charm bracelets… A series of trolls amulet bracelets with beads, charm, and all the tools young masters need

Seven years and older

The trolls of art and craft: Tracking platform for pencil lighting

Children can use it to follow their favourite characters from the film

Pen scanning tool

This funny handmade troll toy comes with crayons to fill in colored names and paper (it also works with regular printer paper). Children can put images on top of each other and create their own scenes.

There are too many beautiful troll toys here, so you might want to check the following points the whole selection of troll handicrafts on the Amazon.

Sleeping accessories for cars

Bedroom accessories on the trolley : Cushion trolls, pets after Mackey

Troll lovers can kiss these troll figures with cuddly toys that open on a 16-inch pillow. It is a good toy for the children to sleep during the trip. You can always hope the baby’s asleep when you travel. There is also Branch Guy Diamond Pillow. These would be excellent Troll bedroom accessories to match the Troll-themed rooms!

Three years and more

Bedroom accessories on the trolley : Cushion Pets Pets Trolls’ Dreams Lights

Here is another troll’s bedroom accessory that the kids will love! Pet Cushions Poppy’s Dream of Light Celebrity projects and cakes are hung on the walls and ceiling so that small troll fans can fall asleep dreaming of sweets. You can set it to turn off automatically after 20 minutes, which is convenient. There is also Dreamlite branch Guy Diamond’s dreams of light. 

Three years and more

Accessories for cars

Accessories for trolls : Troll headband with poppy hair

The last two toys in our list of troll movies are not so many toys as fun accessories for little troll lovers. The cute one there

Poppy headband with troll hair

is a fun way for the girls to show their enthusiasm for the movie and complement the funky and colorful outfit. It would be a funny “crown” for a girl, who can also be worn at a Troll-themed birthday party. Or as part of their Halloween ensemble!

Three years and more

Accessories for trolls : Troll-Hoodie with fake hairs

This is one of the most fun and practical accessories for trolls! Just in time for the colder weather. A coat shirt made of a poppy seed, decorated with troll signatures, would be an excellent addition to the little girl’s wardrobe. They come in different sizes, and there are also Satin and chenille the version.

Dreamworks Trolls are always popular with toddlers, and these toys from troll movies, dolls from troll movies, and props from troll movies are great gifts. We hope this article has brought you ideas to make your young troll lover smile.

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