30 Energy Burning Indoor Toys for Active Kids

If the weather doesn’t allow your little Tasmanian devils to play outside, it’s essential to have toys in the room so that active children can burn some energy!

To help you (and the kids!) keep your emotional balance when you’re both stuck, we’ve put together a varied list of the best indoor toys for kids.

Because there are so many ways for children to burn their energy, we have divided this list into crawling and climbing toys,  jumping and bouncing toys, balancing toys, indoor sports toys, and active indoor games.

And yes, with the right toys, children can really do all those things indoors without having to wrap everything in bubble wrap!

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Indoor toys for active children

Climbing and crawling toys for children

Melissa and Doug Sunny Patch Happy Vertigo Tunnel

The tunnel of cheerful fear of heights

Crawling tunnels are great toys that consume energy indoors because they are very versatile. The children are playing sports and can pretend to be in a secret underground passage.

Melissa and Doug Sunshine are part of Giddy’s Happy Tunnel…is a bit shy, about 1.5 meters long, just to fit it into the indoor obstacle courseso your little gopher gets tired.

Here are some great professionals in this fun toy for active children.

  • Easy to maintain and maintain equipment
  • Well suited for indoor and outdoor use
  • The removable valve at both ends
  • Separate shelf for easy storage!

Critics will show you that parents love these active indoor toys as much as children do! And there’s an equally sweet tunnel of sunny spots of pink butterflies as well!

Dude: 3-5

Hide the ball pit and the tunnels N Research

Hide the ball pit and the tunnels N Research

Crawling tunnels are even more fun if they are equipped with forts! This ball pit with tents and tunnels currently one of the highest-ranked children playing in tunnels in the Amazon.

It looks big, but you can connect all the parts together or divide them if you don’t have space. It can be configured in different ways to fit in your room. It’s also great if you need two playgrounds – one for the owners, a rougher playground for the kids, and one for the youngsters.

Here are a few more reasons why our list is one of the best active toys for children indoors:

  • More robust than other children’s tunnels
  • Including basketball, darts, and throws
  • Universal for indoor or outdoor use
  • Foldable for easy storage

Active kids are going to crawl, throw, and play this thing!

I almost forgot… it’s not eggs. This is a bargain with a 200 pit-ball tutu.

Dude: 1+

Children are playing in tunnels of all shapes and sizes – Checking the complete range of play tunnels for children here!

Phase 2: sport climbing

Leisure sports Climbing

Step2 makes some of the best active toys for children, and most of them can be used indoors or outdoors. If you have a place for it, it’s your best sellerLeisure sports Climbingbabies will love wasting hours of energy!

It is not too big, just over 1.5 meters long and 2.5 meters wide. But you need a little space around them to slide and throw balls. Nowadays, I usually don’t recommend throwing the ball indoors anymore (especially when it comes to older children!), but it’ s great to be indoors for most toddlers. You can always replace those nerve balls when your young man throws a nasty spiral!

Here are some features of this fun indoor toy that will appeal to active children.

  • Numerous activities – rock climbing, slides, basketball, football, etc
  • Contains the ball
  • Very strong
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor use

This toy’s versatility and its excellent reviews make it one of the best active toys for toddlers, whether they play indoors or outdoors!

If you use this mountaineering toy indoors, be sure to place it on a soft surface, such as a mat, to prevent injury in the event of a fall.

Dude: 2-6

Below you will find even more high-quality climbing toys for children. The rides are great because kids can always race with their car, stuffed animals, barbecue, and everything else if they get tired of sliding!

Step 2 Large folding sliderLittle Tyke climbs

That’s what it looks like: Which toy is most suitable for toddlers?

ECR4Kids Gus N-crawler Climbing

Climbing-N-Crawler track

Because of its size, you probably need a playroom or basement for these toys. Climbing the Goose Caterpillar Slide is one of the coolest toys for active kids in the house! It is just over 2 meters long, but you can easily shorten it by removing one or two parts.

Here are some other reasons why parents love this baby climbing toy.

  • It’s super healthy!
  • Perfect for crawling, climbing, or pretending
  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Rooms can be rearranged

I love the universality of this mountain game! The tap holes can be integrated into all kinds of fun games for children, such as throwing a bag of beans or nerve paths, and the inside forms a cold fortress (here’s a good deal for the bean Bagby the way).

Dude: 3-8

Skalomazka Lightweight Monkeysticks

Monkey cake bars

Another beautiful indoor climbing toy for children Skalomazka Lightweight Monkeysticks. The children can climb, swing and cling to their hearts, and at a distance of just under a meter and a half, it’ s not precisely mind-blowing for the playroom.

Here are a few more reasons why you and your kids will love the monkey in this active indoor toy.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Robust, but easy to move
  • Holds 150 pounds , safe for a few children
  • Made of plastic for flexibility and safety
  • Throw a big cloth there for the boss‘s tent !

This indoor climbing toy will surely tire your little monkeys, even if they’re stuck inside! You can lay a soft play mat underneath, mostly if this happens on a hard floor. This is a Multifunctional children’s play mat at a reasonable price and covering an area of 6’x6″.

Dude: 3-8

View of the Amazon

Indoor toys for jumps and runs

Gymnastics leisure horse

Gymnastic horse with a pedigree

Rhode HorseThis incredibly popular active children’s toy allows children to jump, bounce, jump, and jump around the house and garden. It is produced by the Italian company Gymnic, which makes products for fitness and physiotherapy.

Here are a few reasons why these strange toys are so popular with parents and children.

  • Super robust
  • Made of latex-free vinyl
  • Easy to empty on the go
  • Working on hardwood, carpet, grass, and concrete
  • Well suited for indoor and outdoor use

If you look at it via the link, you will notice that the different colors differ slightly in price.

The body is pumped with a standard bicycle pump, but is NOT included in the delivery scope. This pump seems to work well and cheap with Roddy and other inflatable toys.

If they get stuck inside in bad weather, even adults can bounce off the walls. Luckily there is also a “Rodi” for older children! Rod Max can support up to 200 pounds so you can safely bounce back from the winter blues!

Roddy’s age: 3-6

Rod Max. 5

View of the Amazon

Kidz Pogo Rider

Kidz Pogo Jampé

“You’ll like her little bouncy beans… Kidz Pogo Rider! As Tiger says: “Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun”!

It is one of the best active toys for children because it is a universal offer. The handle looks like an elastic band, so it stretches according to the size of the child. Here are other reasons why parents and children love these toys so much.

  • Works on all surfaces, both indoors and outdoors
  • Supports up to 250 pounds ( Hello, new toys ! )
  • No assembly, super easy
  • Low costs and interesting comments!

The only possible defect is the beeping at every jump. This will drive the dogs (and some parents!) crazy. But this is probably the best part for the kids. So here are some Earplugs.

Seriously, this is one of my favorite indoor toys for active kids, to keep them busy, and it would be a great gift!

Three years and more

View of the Amazon

Little Tiki 3 “Trampoline

Little Tiki 3 “Trampoline

Trampolines are an excellent way for kids to get the poles out, and it’s Little Tiki Batuta winner with parents and children! Here are some exciting features of this active and popular indoor toy.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Specially designed outbuildings
  • Supports up to 55 pounds.
  • Robust, but easy to move
  • Support strap for safe bouncing

Some examiners have had problems with the foam filling of the backstrap, which had to be reinforced with tape after a while, so keep this in mind.

But leaving that aside, it’s an amazingly energetic toy for small children to keep them active when they’re stuck!

Dude: 3-6

View of the Amazon

For older children, it is Merax Trampolineis the right choice. It is specially designed for indoor use and is available in three colors.

It’s as good as it gets up to 180 pounds, and the handlebar is removable so Mum or Dad can practice on their feet or on the asphalt when the kids aren’t using it!

Bunker ball with role play

Funnel ball WIKI

Walicki funnel balls are a great success with children and great exercises for adults! Luckily they come in 4 sizes, so children from toddlers to adults can walk around.

Amazon offers many different types and brands of hopping balls, but here are some of the brand Walicki professionals.

  • Including an inflation pump
  • It blows up in 4 minutes
  • Different in the media by their quality
  • Supplied in a ton of colors

Hopper Balls are one of the best toys for active kids indoors, but they are also great for outdoor activities! They are super cheap and would be an excellent addition to your internal stock of active toys.

Dude: 3+

View of the Amazon

Active toys to swing around the house

Freestyle soon boards

Freestyle on the board

Spoons a fun, active toy for children to practice balancing tricks with.

The success of this shark tank is estimated at the age of 3 years and more, but it takes a little practice to master it. Teenage teenagers will love it because it allows them to do fun things! Watch the pop-up video below to get an idea of how children can play with it.

Here are more features of this cool active toy.

  • Helps children to learn snowboarding , skiing, and surfing
  • Support up to 500 pounds (according to Spooner Boards website)
  • a solid structure
  • Indoor and outdoor use

Not only is it a balancing toy, but children also use it outside to climb in the grass and on snowy hills. And parents only like it for the right stem and bone training!

Dude: 3+

View of the Amazon

That’s what it looks like: What is the best outdoor toy for real friends?

Riverstone balance toys

River stone balancing kit

This website, River stone balancing it is an excellent way to create balance and coordination for children. It is also suitable for testing the ability of guests to drive home.

Children like to recreate them to develop all kinds of agility games. Set the stopwatch to see who can pass them faster, set them for the indoor obstacle course. You know what I mean. They are very versatile.

Here are some other features of this indoor toy that active children will love.

  • Different levels and sizes to improve your balance skills
  • Stacking for easy storage
  • Safe to use on any surface, indoors or outdoors
  • Supports up to 110 pounds

Parents love it when they keep their children active and busy! The tongue also makes you fat Rocks on top of a hill, and many parents like to use them together.

Dude: 3-7

View of the Amazon

You can read these steps on the website of National Geographic Kids. They look like the River Stones, but you get twice as much for the lowest price!

Below are some of the more popular balance toys. Children have a lot of fun clinging to the feet of a monster to train their coordination and balance.

WadersSample legs



Bilbo is an award-winning Swiss toy! Children can sit, stand, turn, or swing in it – and much more.

You can do it on your back and pretend you’re a turtle, or you can tie a scarf around it and pull a Barbie. You can take him outside and roll in the grass or sit in the pool (or bathtub) and put his characters in the action of the ocean adventure.

It’s incredible how such a simple thing can inspire so many game ideas, but read positive criticism, and you’ll see that that’s precisely what it is. Here are a few more reasons why Bilibo is quickly becoming a popular toy for active children.

  • Incredibly strong
  • Available in different colors
  • Put two or more together for more creative play options
  • Inspire an open game

Dude: 2-7

View of the Amazon

Speaking of balance toys, look at “Monkey board” by Alex Toys. This is a trendy active toy for children from the age of 3 years.


This website Skateboardof Hand2Mind is a new start in my primary school years! This simple toy teaches balance and coordination and is VOLUNTEER for children indoors and outdoors.

The wheels rotate in all directions, so children can roll freely (and your floor is safe because the wheels are made of plastic)! It also supports up to 175 pounds. This indoor toy for active children is ideal for fun in bad weather and is a big hit with children three years and older.

View of the Amazon

Indoor toys for active children

Franklin Sports Ice hockey 2 in 1 set

Ice hockey hall

This website Franklin Sporty Floor Hockey Set, is an excellent way for children of all ages to burn energy! Comes with standard, height-adjustable hockey sticks and a shortened pair for knee hockey (or for toddlers).

Parents give this series of brilliant reviews, and here are a few reasons why:

  • Destination”tab for easy storage
  • Two games in one
  • Contains three foam rings

The proposed age is 3 to 7 years, but older children love a hockey game on their knees indoors, just like moms and dads! After all, what better way to use the long corridor?

Dude: 3+

View of the Amazon

Dodgeball and table tennis

Children can bring versions of these two fun outdoor sports indoors with the following two sports toys for active children. First of all, Diggin Badgewhich comes with Velcro vests and foam bullets so kids can have epic fights and really burn energy when locked in the house. And don’t worry, they are also perfect for outdoor walks, so as soon as the sun rises, they can keep playing in the garden!

I really want one of those Pong door sets. That sounds so nice. Simply attach it to the door frame and adjust the cord’s length so that children can play table tenniswithout tables ! This is the age group of 6 to 11 years (what can I say, I have 11 years in my heart).

Diggin BadgePong door

View of the Amazon

A set of soccer balls for hovercrafts

Gower Air

When it comes to really cool toys for active kids. Soccer on an air cushion wins the trophy!

This floating football works like an air hockey table: it sucks air from above and pushes it out from below so that it has to “float” on the ground. Kids just have to hit him a little to let him slide on the floor. Here are some other features of this active children’s toy.

  • Lighting for a fun night game
  • Working on low carpets or hard floors
  • Polystyrene edge for safe storage of furniture
  • Can also be used outdoors

The set even includes goals and an inflatable ball. It is an entertaining and cheap sports toy that is enjoyed by children of all ages. I bought one for my 12-year-old nephew and his brothers and sisters, and it was a hit!

Dude: 3+

View of the Amazon

Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set

Easy Score” basketball set

Small divers can train for their possible NBA audits EasyScore Basketball SetA wide rim and smaller balls make diving in the water child’s play and encourage young players to keep playing.

Here are a few other reasons why this is a great kid’s toy.

  • 6 Height adjustment from 2 to 4 feet
  • The base can be weighed with Sandor water if necessary
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor use
  • Holds three balls

I like the fact that it is so portable that races can be held indoors or outdoors, depending on the weather. Positive reviews indicate that both parents and toddlers love the set. No wonder it’s the best-selling toy for active children!

Dude: 18 months – 5 years

View of the Amazon

Here are some other high-quality active toys for this age group Golf games cute, and your little Tiger Junior gets a lot of practice while chasing bullets (the trick is to place the target cup on the other side of the room!) And while the kids are stuck, we might as well get them cleaned up… Let’s play at home. Because mothers know how many swipe and clean-up drills there are!

Little Tikes Golf SetLet’s playhouse!

Deluxe Sports Hall 1

A luxurious gym

Luxury playground in the gymnasium1awesome! It turns every standard door in your home into a mini basic training camp for children.

The base is easy to attach to the doorframe, and there are five brackets for climbing, swinging, pulling, and tracing. Here are a few details about this active home toy that is appreciated by both children and parents.

  • Support up to 300 pounds!
  • Easy installation and removal
  • The device weighs less than 10 pounds
  • Fits most standard doorways from 25 to 36 inches wide.

Gym1 was designed by some Harvard graduates who wanted to encourage their children to continue their active lives. It is widely used in the fight against childhood obesity. 

You will need to carefully measure your door frame to make sure it is within your “standard” range. It must NOT be installed indoors over 36 inches wide. In the Amazon frame, you will see a detailed picture that shows where and how the door opening should be precisely measured to make sure it matches.

Also, don’t forget to check the strength of the door frame. If it’s very old or loose, you’ll need backup to use it.

a small indoor playground Gym1as well. It’s the same sentence, minus two parts.

Gym 1 has RAVE ratings, both on and off the Amazon. It’s a real mini indoor playground and an excellent way for kids to stay active when they’re stuck!

Dude: 3-12

Jasmine rowing ball


Jazzmintonis a cross between rowing ball, table tennis, and badminton. The children beat the birds in all directions, and you keep your trinkets safe. At least in theory.

If you hit the birds hard enough, they can bring the bumblebees down, but generally, jazzminton is an active and safe game to play at home.

The set contains two slow and two fast “birds” for the more advanced players. Children can fight the bird alone or in a back and forth motion, and with practice, they improve so that as the game progresses, they enjoy it more and more.

It’s nice there, too. We had a similar set, and I drove my husband crazy when we went camping, because I always wanted him to play with me to work on his morale.

In any case, you can increase the fun by LEDs illuminate the birds for a night race!

Dude: 6+

A bowling game is another good toy for children that burns energy in the house. Read the following for age groups 3 to 6 years old.

Active indoor games to encourage children to move house

Ninja Ribbon and I have these games.

Thick-hearted toys deliver very creative, closed, and energy-consuming games and toys. Ninja tyreThe game tests children ‘s reflexes and their ability to think fast as they try to steal the tapes from their opponents. It is a simple but very entertaining game for small groups. It’s for 6 to  10 years old (but adults love it too!)

I’ve got this game consists of all kinds of physical challenges for the children… when they decide that the reward is worth it. It is intended for the low season, eight years and older.

Ninja tire rogers that!

View of the Amazon

Carpet of Melissa and Doug Hop and Earl Hopscotch

Hop and cake mats

A game that started as military training for the first Roman soldiers is enough to keep crazy kids busy, isn’t it? At least it’s worth a try, and that’s…Melissa and Doug Hopscotch’s matches make strudel lighter!

Here are a few reasons why this Hopscotch mat is one of the best toys for active children at home.

  • Width of the part relative to the other (26.5 inches)
  • A machine that can be machine washed (I suggest a gentle cycle).
  • Delivered with two dustbin markers

I also like bright, fun colors and designs. The squares and numbers are large and clear. С good value and good reviews, this one is a winner!

And look at this… Form of bean bags. If you have more than two children playing hop, it’s good to have a game at hand. They also allow children to imagine their own footstool. (Council : Save the coffee cans to turn them into coffee bean throwers 🙂

Dude: 3-7

That’s what it looks like: Which toy is most suitable for nursery girls?

View of the Amazon

The inside of pancake houses, an educational tool! Relay

Stack of pancakes!

Prize winner Stack of pancakes! Let’s play! It is a relay race where children have to take the right pancake out of the pan and run on the customer’s plate. The winner is the one who first fills the pile in the correct order (and, of course, ends with an oil slick from above).

Here are a few reasons why parents and children love this fast-paced game.

  • For two players or up to 12 in a team
  • It’s all in a box
  • It’s twice as much fun pretending to play dinner…
  • Teaches consistency, compliance, coordination, and many other skills

The further you place the plates, the more practice you get with your little pancake set! The game comes with control cards for children to match their stacks, but children can also make their own cards for some extra tasks. Throw eggs and bacon on the side or add fake cups of coffee – you have many fantastic possibilities !

Check all positive criticism, and you’ll see why this is another one of my favorite toys for active kids playing indoors!

Dude: 3+

That’s what it looks like: Which are the most child-friendly wooden play kitchens?

View of the Amazon

Key mats

Key mats

The next one on our list is a toy for indoor musical activities. The children will experience an explosion with which they will create melodies down to the tip of their toes Keyboard mat for the floor you can tap , jump and slide to your favorite songs or just move freely in your own unique sound.

Take a look at some details about this fun, active indoor toy.

  • 71″ Length
  • Has recording and playback modes
  • The most important thing: Volume control!
  • 8 Instrument sounds
  • Folded storage
  • Runs on 4 AA batteries (not  included)

Some examiners complained that the sound of the instruments did not differ significantly, but still, this key fob is a bestseller, and parents and kids love it!

It is an entertaining way to stimulate both movement and creativity in children. And let’s face it– when you see this, do you want to recreate that scene from the movie “Big” ?

Dude: 3+

View of the Amazon

Magic moves the E-stick

Magical Movements

Magic moves the E-stick was invented by a kindergarten teacher who wanted the children in her class to have fun. Your invention has won several awards for toys and is a great success!

There are weird commands like “Turn like a top” or “Support like a duck.” Each order is followed by about 30 seconds of music, so that the children can move around and follow the command.

Take a look at some of the fun features of this toy:

  • Gives  more than 90 destinations 
  • Turn on the blinkers.
  • Develops creativity and listening skills
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries (included!)

Children can also have fun if they just pretend to play with himMagical movements truly universal indoor toy for active children to move around and have fun! 

Dude: 3-6

There is also a Jumping active man toy for children, bottom left, with more team-building exercises.

Talking about teams in which children play, another big active playground in the house is a great game, Charades for children…on the right. This is a good thing for all ages, because the young can easily imagine a picture where the elderly can read other options on the map.

Vaulted GymnasiumCharades for children

Ultra Tires

Ultra Tires

Ultra dashes are an electronic game with a stopwatch, in which children collect colored targets in a particular order, and the winner is the one who passes the track the fastest. There are three different game modes:

  • Beat the clock – the time it takes for each player to score all the goals
  • Goal counting – Set a plan over time and see who can collect all the goals in that time
  • Relay Race – How long does it take for the team to manage the goals (2 for teams competing against each other )?

When you touch a target with the machine, the machine emits a sound to indicate that the mark has been registered before moving to the next target.

Children can set goals anywhere in the house, allowing for creative relay lessons. There are also other variations you can implement in the game to make it even more complicated. Oh, and it comes with three triple-A batteries, which is required.

Ultra dashis a finalist in the 2018 Toy of the Year competition and is an ideal toy to keep children active when they are stuck indoors. Children can also play outside, but the light inside can be a bit difficult to see in the sun. It’s good to hide in the emergency lobby!

Dude: 6+

Below are two other fun toys with which active children can move around the house hyperbrus challenges the children and catches the ball in the right colored cup. It’s kind of a cross between Simon and the ball in the cup. И Victimsis a board game with fun exercises that will tire your little athletes.

hyperbrusBad luck

That’s what it looks like: What are the best toys and gifts for real tweens?

Alex Toys Yoga Block and Matt

With this fun new toy from Alex Toys, children can stay active indoors or outdoors in a Zen style. Yoga acoustics blocksCards with comfortable yoga postures and cards with a certain period of validity are included. The children roll the two blocks to see which pose they have to hold in their hands for how long.

Yogamatconsists of pieces of foam that represent simple yoga movements in a colorful and easy to understand way.

These two indoor training toys help active children to develop strength, balance, and concentration. What more can you expect from masked toys?

Yoga blocksYogamat

More indoor toys for active children

We complete our list of energy-saving home games and toys with several cheap board games and cards. Each of them will get the children moving in a creative and fun way, and entertain them!

Map “N” Go searchPaul – LavaUnicorn ring throwing can do is stay out of the healthy bird.

Take some of these toys for your active children so they can be locked up next time. Believe me, the future, You will thank your predecessors for their brilliant foresight…

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